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Disclaimer, Acceptable Use, and Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website has been compiled from various sources along with materials from a few individuals. As such, the accuracy of the information is dependant upon the sources. Sources have been listed when known. Much of the information has been independently verified and where possible an image of the source has also been made available. However, inaccuracies abound in public records. If an error of any kind, factual or typographical, is found within these pages, please notify the webmaster. Include any documentation necessary to verify any corrections.

Acceptable Use Policy: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for "commercial" or "for profit" purposes. Individuals or organizations desiring to use this material for "personal use" or "non-commercial" purposes may do so freely. Although not necessary, it would be appreciated to indicate the website as the source.

Privacy Policy: As the webmaster of this website I am sensitive to individual desires and will follow whatever any individual wants for their own personal information. With that in mind, my general policy, along with the software program I use, is to list only the names of living individuals. All other information on living individuals is blocked from view by the general public. Only registered users can view information in the genealogical database. However, if someone notifies me here or by any other method that they want to keep certain information private I will remove it as long as it is not part of the public record. I will not remove any information which can be gathered from sources in the public domain including government documents, official court records, public webspaces and any other means electronic, physical or ephemeral.

Accuracy and Spelling of Surnames: The general policy regarding surnames included within the genealogical data compiled on this site is to use the earliest encountered spelling, historically. A few surnames have been standardized in an attempt to provide speed and accuracy in searching the database. If a preponderance of descendants along a particular branch change the surname to a different spelling, that spelling will generally be adopted for that particular branch alone.

Accuracy and Spelling of Given Names: Any good genealogical researcher knows one is likely to encounter multiple variations of given names for a single individual. Every effort is made to use given names which appear in official records. Because this webmaster uses hundreds of census records to compile the information available here, and rarely knows personal details regarding every individual in the genealogical database, I will not be called to task over trivial variations which might occur in the assignment of given names. If you would like for me to edit a given name, please provide the necessary official proof of the name you would like for me to assign. I will not change a given name if I have the original signature of the individual and my information reflects the spelling used for any such signature.

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